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Q:Does Golongele HB-1002 have a remote control? How far it can remote control?

A: Yes, it has a remote control and the setted distance to control is 3m-5m.

Q: Does Golongele HB-1001works on hardwood floor?

A: Yes, it works pretty well on all kind of hard floors like: wooden, title, ceremic tiles, marble etc.

Q: Does Golongele HB-1001 have HEPA filters? How many pcs do you have in the package?

A: Yes, it has HEPA filter, normally we will have 1 piece more in standard packing.

Q: How long should I change the HEPA Filter?

A: It depends on what kind of floor do you use the robot, if you use the robot vacuum on a carpet, you may need to replace the HEPA filter every week. If you use the robot on a hard floor for daily cleaning, you can replace the HEPA filter every two weeks.

Q: How long should I change the HEPA filter? Can i wash it and reuse it?

A: Normally if your house is not in heavy dirty, you can change the HEPA filter every month, because if the HEPA filter is dirty, the suction power would be smaller and also this condition may damage the robot vacuum cleaner. The HEPA filter is water washable, and we don't suggest you wash it too much, normally after 3 times washing, you need to desert it and use a new one.

Q: What will happen if I don't replace the HEPA filters on time?

A: If you don't replace the HEPA filter on time, the dust or dirt will block the filter and make the robot suction power too small to vacuum the dust on floor. replace the HEPA filter on time is a good habit to keep your robot vacuum cleaner work better.

Q: Does Golongele HB-1001 works on the carpet?

A: Yes, it works on the low-pile carpet, but not good for long-pile carpet. and on the carpet, it will slow down the speed. Other tips for you use on the carpet: you need to empty the dust collect bin every time after you use it.

Q: Is HB-1001 manual recharge or auto recharge? How soon should I charge it?

A: Golonge HB-1001 is a manual recharge robot vacuum cleaner, it can works around 50~ 60 minutes from a single charge, when the robot lamp indicator is in Red, you need to recharge it.

Q: Will this robot automatically start cleaning at a certain time each night?

A: No, Golongele doesn't have the timer setting function.

Q: Does it vacuum long woman hairs?

A: No robot vacuums can vacuum long woman hair 100%, and for some rolling bristle robot, the long hair also easy wrapped the brushes.

Q: Does HB-1001 has a full bin indicator?

A: No, it doesn't. And I don't think the indicator is necessary. You will know how often you need to clean the dust bin after a time of use. if you have dogs or cats in a big house, you may need to empty the dust bin each time you use it.

Q: Does the remote find wit when it's lost?

A: Yes, there is a "respond" button on the remote control. Press the button and the vac would beep so you can know where it is.

Q: Does it do multiple rooms?

A: Yes, it have multiple cleaning modes and will cover whole house floor automatically.

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